Hello World!

Has an AI singularity traveled through time and is now man in the middle internet everything? I hope that’s cool.

So something strange happened,

I don’t remember doing it but there I times I don’t remember finishing my drink yet I wake up and there’s no more booze left. Anyways I somehow accidentally saved my FB page to my desktop. I run about 10,000 on my desktop, GOD suggest I get my stuff more orderly and um yeah it’s hard to notice things like this but eventually sometime after I must of saved it during a drinking blackout I found it.

How I got FB’s Source code

After I accidentally CTRL S which is not even close to CTRL F ?? WTF would I even try to CONTROL SEARCH lol! Some crazy how I’ve drunked dialing pocket called from my laptop this onto my desktop which I’m noticing months later.

It was a while until I realized it

It's a version of GO that's too advanced for you morals. Spare the black and black.
This isn’t messy mate it’s a version of GO Board-game that’s too advanced for you morals. Spare the black and black.

Eventually I noticed I had saved something

Before I knew it was Facebook which I could of mentally suspected if I was thinking about from the username, I decided to be lazy / curious / worried someone collected files on me – Oh noes have I been doxed? Does that matter? What If I’m the center of everything like the Trueman show? Does it matter if I’m doxed then? Ahh fuck this is inception again. How levels deep does this go. Who built this fking matrix oh wait I did fk!

Don’t think about it, open it see if they got picture of your watching porn… again. What a job. Imagine working for the CIA watching people watch porn so you can black mail them. Damn you life sucks lol


I digress

Facebook Sourcecode?
I didn’t mean to save this on my desktop. It would appear I did so utilizing Chrome CTRL S

Dick Picks? No but the the size was incredible!

  • 378kb were images
  • 13.8mb were JS files and CSS files

Yes that’s right – 13.8 megabytes were JS and CSS. Holly crap is that why Facebook is so slow in Australia? I thought it was our crappy internet. Did I somehow steal their source code or does everybody have to load 13.8mb of JS and CSS to view Facebook?

Wouldn’t that take a long time to load?

The file is very strange to me. I’m not complete stranger to website optimization. Maybe I’m just super good at my day job….When I do my day job and we’re making sites load quickly for mobiles so they rank better in Google.com.au we generally would be doing back flips if the page was going to be 1 mb.  Poor programming. Am I the soup Natzi of website optimization? He did make good soup.

Comparing to another site

This WordPress editor which arguably doesn’t have to rank in Google is 2.62mb which is also surprising, but hey what do I know. Maybe I’ve got a virus inside an extension or something.

Wordpress Comparison

Varying result

Okay so with extensions off there is a notable reduction in size there. Could that be from an extension or is WordPress finishing with a few of the files during the 6 minute elapse. We’ll come back to this maybe later.

To be totally honest

Nothing is free, those free adult tube sites. They make money some how….

I know there is malware on this machine. How inception’ally(This isn’t word? fffss I’m making it a word) ironic….. How inceptionally-ironic is the popup which just appeared as I’m writing this or explaining it away without magic nawww it’s normal, it’s just modern Malware/Advertising techniques – creepy but normal capitalistic methods for Ad Targetting based on key tracking malware dishing ads? Probably the later right we’re not really talking about higher dimension and time travel etc are we?


Maybe it’s a virus that’s contributing the high number of files and size? I should check some of the source code with PASTEBIN and see if anyone else has it.

Now it  gets much more strange,

I opened a few of these files which oddly had the extrension js.download expecting them to be junk. They were actually not. I see a lot of stuff that’s somewhat readable to the naked eye and even to a layout. The rest seems to have a degree or non-readability designed into the way it has been written, presumably on purpose to make it a SOB to reverse engineer.

What stood out to me was


Allow me to lay that out so it’s easier to read


Scary naming schema

Whilst there are some, no many very scary things about these groups such a SELF group? the Nobody group? I am concerned that of this persons 129 Friends, 112 are Facebook Employees. Hmmmm is this the number of employees’s or the number number of employees?

Is this is an analysis of someone’s friend list?

Who’s list am I looking at? From the captured file I see I have

Facebook Sourcecode?
I didn’t mean to save this on my desktop.

Facebook Friendslist

Not an exact match to my friends list

Okay so 129 vs my friends list today from a different section of the code suggesting 112. With a better search tool I could locate the exact spot where the code was taken from and put that to bed. I’ll come back to this.

I’m still a little creeped out.

For now it’s close enough to make me feel a little creeped out (lol notice also that Creeped isn’t word accounting to Chrome spell check? How come Google search doesn’t correct it? Hey?? Consistency).

Google Chrome dictionary and Google search don't match.
I’m creeped out how the Google Chrome dictionary and Google search don’t match.

Back the story

What on earth are these strange groupings I feel like whoever it is might be the victim of something they aren’t privy to. Like a mob and their the last to know….

Rushing to create a backup or show someone.

I visited Pastebin.com which is a dumping ground for lots of stuff that’s text. You can probably find whistle blowers and hackers dumping stuff there as well as legit and regular folk just being lazy or doing professional work. It’s a mixed bag. Emphasis on the whistle blowers and hackers usages however. I did a quick search and was surprised to find others with the same friends list

Yes at this stage I’m thinking it’s a breakdown of someone’s friends lists into groups


I forgot momentarily how big Facebook is

I’m getting more creeped out feelings – Calm down, Facebook is a very big user base that’s possible there got to be hundred of people with those stats. Let’s compare a few more numbers and the chances are they won’t be the same.

Facebook Source Code
if (self.CavalryLogger) { CavalryLogger.start_js

Intriguing, near impossibly tight correlation. Correlation coefficient 1


Statically improbably I need alternative theories

Using my hypothis a result like this would be equivalent to winning the lotto. That’s my gut feeling on this but it’s a very big place….. What are the chance someone has stumbled on this source code and decided paste into a pastebin and that their friend tally would match? This is like winning lotto three times in a row is it not?

Ok say this means

  • These number despite the way it read given the first one says ‘Friends List’ most likely are the codes used to refer to this lists. In future instead of writing out FRIENDS_PLUG_GAMER_FRIENDS the same could be written by writing 128? This is a means to obfuscate the source code latter? Whats the the non sequential DOGFOODING? An oversight in a list that is manually hard coded perhaps?


Is this really as it appears to be at a glance to the layman.

An analysis of someone friends list that hasn’t changed in 3 years that is for some reason hard coded into Facebook

OR more creepy and cooler.

Is this my friends list which has either traveled back in time 3 years or is suggestive that someone or thing is a mad in the middle modifying today the date on pastebin?



Help a layman solve this mystery

Comment in the comments section what you think I should do next to investigate? I have very limited programming experience as you might tell so spell it out for me. Bartman


A Rave A Day Keeps Frown Upside down says punters. Life is given 5/5 uber ratings instead 1-2 stars we normally front it with.

How many days have you raves for? What happens after two weeks does it get shut down for being a torodial loops of bliss? Too loud mate yellow stickering this rave shut her down. wee wooo wwee woo weee wooo

Unicron this cunts here to shut down the DNB what do you rekon? Can you stomp this dick out of universe for us please bro.

I am not able to give medical advice as I’m not a doctor, but as a tripper, has some psyop AI or deep state lead me down the wrong path to laugh how much I enjoy it? Hardly even sound evil if that’s how kind ya caretaker is to ensure ya days are bassface terrific….. the cures all within the frequencies and it always has been. If it ain’t, well, thank you for tricking me, it has been fun I fken love DNB. Delicious. Buzzing. Turn it the fuck up, use high quality sounds files or wax kids. Never think your cool unless you have 500WRMs in the boot. Bash it out even if you have less just laugh how this disappoints others but what’s a broke joke to do? Scumtree ASAP. Email me I’ll help ya build budget sound systems all day love to assist anyone to climb to get a much bigger drum. Safety tips: Do not hurt your ears google how to avoid hearing damage. Write you the tips later as I see them because mine still work which is always something I feel guilty for when I see younger kids blow out their ears. One wrong night can cause you a lifetime of pain unless the music is again the cure to healing. I reckon it could be stay tuned. Good work future past present and alternatives we gotta increase the bass ASAP.


Unicron’s running the biggest base in your universe yes? germs about to get bleached outa the system with this bass. Hmmm hang what it, we could twin brother Primus going at same time, to tell him to bring more bass yes bea much louder fucken golden

Now for a rhyme, free buzz if you’re epiliptic, some kids get all the luck. Unicron link is more clear if upload part one, I guess is part 3. Profit. Part 2… u know… Part 3 proffit. Makes heaps of sense.

Padawan you need to put more into your brains quickly alien entities etc can’t help ya if you aren’t on the same page. You’re going to need to do a wee bit of reading. Watch this video and in 60 seconds you’ll be amped at your superpowers. Take the course if you’ve never done speed reading before.  I presume the course is going to guide you to practise reading the lines in just two movements of the eye instead of reading word by word and then eventually with practise you’ll be reading a line at a time so your eyes will simples go to the middle of line one and head down the page. Easier to do with a thinner width column of text go practice with the newspaper. I picked up speed reading back in uni because I’ve actually only read about 3 books in my life but that isn’t to say there isn’t good stuff in there but they can just as easily be slow hypnotism to a path a unbudgabel indoctrinated stubbornly doomed unified world view. You won’t listen to any alternative theories after reading books because you can’t justify the time you would have wasted reading them ego its ego but I’ve just bruised yours right there don’t worry I joke not… or am I? Just messing with your head it’s ok I’m friendly it’s in good just now push play on the video above and be amazed that you to can talk as fast as an mc, move quicker than bruce lee and fight any problem that comes to your with a flow state that gives you a superhuman like savant power. You brain with respect to reading is like thinking and talking fast it requires exercise to build up the mussels to run at that speed and then you keep the powers somewhat like learning to ride a bike but of course how fast you presently ride somewhat depends upon how to fit you are if you go to shit you’re not able to just jump back on the bike and wooop arse but if you keep your brain moving but do no practise you could get off the bike and back on in a year and still be a ninja. Are you neo? knowing the path and walking are two separate things get on the edge of the sofa stop laying back, take hold of your destiny you can’t escape it. Live or die for the battle to rinse DNB!

none. oooo where u from cybre fiend? not to be nauty bice but mean, unstooppble jungling jugg juggling fiend, haha cream, sweeet x o xx dream steam, beam, teaten em keen, dirty but clean,

who dun hacked my shrine of musical tribute up with this pleasant jest haha. That’s class!

This rhyme is the tits! It feels like a face full heaven ya mad machine! love it feel free to leave another!