I was 33 years so they tell me. I was fucking cooked hard was best days ever and then waiting for the worlds best ESKMAN some tripped out unit I know from days ways back posted on his fb gig’s wall this single no idea why he posting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvntuZzXcAM this on ESKMAN mind exploded out of head 24 hours later to find out he was inbound to the very same gig.

Before that gig I found this hour set. I lock myself inside a cupboard until I had a cry like my shit been fiddled with. Had to invent how to cry was that long since a tear had rolled except with joy that to feel tears outside of xtc was so unparalleled lets just leave it there. Big ups. Get proper melted and put your cans on listening to this man song. dope cunts also rhymes with bong.

Great example of DNB fiends still active in Perth, Western Australia. Recorded over the christmas break 2016/17. This was the final mix in a series of 3 mixes record in one day by the same two nut bags. Dash and Danjawun both heads for more than 15 years their still waking up their neighbours. “That’s right kids send 995 to hypaculture.com now to get your part 1 lesson on how to dj like Dash. Do not ask your mum for permission she will say no! Complete the first rave with Dave and we’ll throw in a t-shirt for and additional 995 – congratulations of being alive if you win the shirt, wear that shit proudly because our shits killa, it says I survived the rave with Dave chur boii”