Is Music the cure for all desease, pracites that cause it and most of cancer etc to…

A Rave A Day Keeps Frown Upside down says punters. Life is given 5/5 uber ratings instead 1-2 stars we normally front it with.

How many days have you raves for? What happens after two weeks does it get shut down for being a torodial loops of bliss? Too loud mate yellow stickering this rave shut her down. wee wooo wwee woo weee wooo

Unicron this cunts here to shut down the DNB what do you rekon? Can you stomp this dick out of universe for us please bro.

I am not able to give medical advice as I’m not a doctor, but as a tripper, has some psyop AI or deep state lead me down the wrong path to laugh how much I enjoy it? Hardly even sound evil if that’s how kind ya caretaker is to ensure ya days are bassface terrific….. the cures all within the frequencies and it always has been. If it ain’t, well, thank you for tricking me, it has been fun I fken love DNB.¬†Delicious. Buzzing. Turn it the fuck up, use high quality sounds files or wax kids. Never think your cool unless you have 500WRMs in the boot. Bash it out even if you have less just laugh how this disappoints others but what’s a broke joke to do? Scumtree ASAP. Email me I’ll help ya build budget sound systems all day love to assist anyone to climb to get a much bigger drum. Safety tips: Do not hurt your ears google how to avoid hearing damage. Write you the tips later as I see them because mine still work which is always something I feel guilty for when I see younger kids blow out their ears. One wrong night can cause you a lifetime of pain unless the music is again the cure to healing. I reckon it could be stay tuned. Good work future past present and alternatives we gotta increase the bass ASAP.


Unicron’s running the biggest base in your universe yes? germs about to get bleached outa the system with this bass. Hmmm hang what it, we could twin brother Primus going at same time, to tell him to bring more bass yes bea much louder fucken golden

Now for a rhyme, free buzz if you’re epiliptic, some kids get all the luck. Unicron link is more clear if upload part one, I guess is part 3. Profit. Part 2… u know… Part 3 proffit. Makes heaps of sense.

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