Between Scott Morrison our currently reaffirmed PM who by the way, I emailed with congratulations on his election and presented to him an opportunity for his assistance to recover my stolen War Medals, stolen by a person down the road to me, it would have been presumably trivial for him to politely ask the local fuzz to assist. I had tried, for some reason, they don’t want to assist because I was able to get the medals back. I, however, want justice for the Digger on the 100 year anniversary of what they sacrificed to define lest we forget the spirit of what defines us as a people. If we don’t uphold this we have already lost this nation to hostile foreign jealous eyes presumably.

It would have been an amazing gift from me to his popularity, considering I’ve been highly skeptical of the liberal long term vision for Australia. It has none and we are mostly destined to be locked up like a 1985 dystopia.

I offered this amazing PR opportunity for his new reaffirmed first media opportunity, only to be devastated nobody in the Liberal party will humor me with a reply, treasonist disrespect I hope my emails were blocked by unknown forces to think they would dare not to have the courtesy to reply concerns us all, I digress I’m sure you’ll forgive me for it,

though to our other major party opposition leader Bill Shorten, people might actually be mistaken for thinking my Name is something to do with politics. Scott Shorter.

Well, it was, just it was snubbed out really quickly after 6 years of saving my own money to pay for my own election campaign as an independent.

I worry that we’re all going to die, so do all the leading tech experts, I had to do something, I did all I could, I am well placed to win holding most of the highest result in marketing in the country and being guest of Google on occasion to hear exclusively before others of the future.

I had a crazy plan to run in the federal, I saved up a million to raise awareness to various issues. A few months out my own mother chased me down to a stretcher and to this day has stolen it all. I have discovered our government to be non-existent since then and all health services and gov agencies are mostly weaponized to help foreign countries take down Australians. Scott Morrison won’t reply to my email about my stolen War Medal nor will his office.

These days I prefer to take note of another Scott doing good things with our name. Scott Ludlum who suggested no great change could or ever has occurred from inside a government in such a late stage of penetration for countless years of lobbying pressure.

I now make software to help stop people falling through the crack, to advocate, the strengthen border defense and if you asked I try another attempt to run for PM next federal? If we all live that long I’d reply.

Today I saw some inspiration for a quick freestyle based on my daily ABC Facebook messenger bolt/alert.  I wanted to include a native FIJI language warning but couldn’t find one and instead lifted this awesome PipedUP paradey from you know where.

The artist who came up with that graphi I believe was KTXO for this Yung Fiji beat. WARNING if you’re weak, it doesn’t muck about, KTXO is a fkn monstor with the frequency he is maximum pressure.

Huge fnk bass not a toy
Doesn’t not fuck about heaps of fkn bass mate get this up into ya guts now.


Exerpt, “

🗳️🇫🇯🇦🇺 After saying Scott Morrison was “very insulting” and “very condescending” last month, Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has arrived in Australia for a deal.

The two countries today signed a partnership agreement covering economic, security, and community ties during a formal bilateral meeting.

But while Mr Morrison used “family” to describe the relationship between Australia and Fiji, Mr Bainimarama said it hadn’t yet reached that level.

What did he say?

Mr Bainimarama said for Fijians, “the bonds that bind families together are sacred, unbreakable connections”.
“It’s about more than being good mates to one another,” he said.

“[It] demands a level of understanding hereto [sic] unprecedented in the relations between our governments.”

You might remember that during meetings at the 2019 Pacific Islands Forum, Mr Morrison blocked efforts by the smaller island states to get unanimous support for a strong declaration on tackling climate change.

At the time, Mr Bainimarama slammed Australia for not doing enough, saying he “thought Morrison was a good friend of mine — apparently not”.

On this visit, Mr Bainimarama has been more conciliatory, although he has warned “no-one expects that our differences can be resolved quickly or easily”.”




A Rave A Day Keeps Frown Upside down says punters. Life is given 5/5 uber ratings instead 1-2 stars we normally front it with.

How many days have you raves for? What happens after two weeks does it get shut down for being a torodial loops of bliss? Too loud mate yellow stickering this rave shut her down. wee wooo wwee woo weee wooo

Unicron this cunts here to shut down the DNB what do you rekon? Can you stomp this dick out of universe for us please bro.

I am not able to give medical advice as I’m not a doctor, but as a tripper, has some psyop AI or deep state lead me down the wrong path to laugh how much I enjoy it? Hardly even sound evil if that’s how kind ya caretaker is to ensure ya days are bassface terrific….. the cures all within the frequencies and it always has been. If it ain’t, well, thank you for tricking me, it has been fun I fken love DNB. Delicious. Buzzing. Turn it the fuck up, use high quality sounds files or wax kids. Never think your cool unless you have 500WRMs in the boot. Bash it out even if you have less just laugh how this disappoints others but what’s a broke joke to do? Scumtree ASAP. Email me I’ll help ya build budget sound systems all day love to assist anyone to climb to get a much bigger drum. Safety tips: Do not hurt your ears google how to avoid hearing damage. Write you the tips later as I see them because mine still work which is always something I feel guilty for when I see younger kids blow out their ears. One wrong night can cause you a lifetime of pain unless the music is again the cure to healing. I reckon it could be stay tuned. Good work future past present and alternatives we gotta increase the bass ASAP.


Unicron’s running the biggest base in your universe yes? germs about to get bleached outa the system with this bass. Hmmm hang what it, we could twin brother Primus going at same time, to tell him to bring more bass yes bea much louder fucken golden

Now for a rhyme, free buzz if you’re epiliptic, some kids get all the luck. Unicron link is more clear if upload part one, I guess is part 3. Profit. Part 2… u know… Part 3 proffit. Makes heaps of sense.

Padawan you need to put more into your brains quickly alien entities etc can’t help ya if you aren’t on the same page. You’re going to need to do a wee bit of reading. Watch this video and in 60 seconds you’ll be amped at your superpowers. Take the course if you’ve never done speed reading before.  I presume the course is going to guide you to practise reading the lines in just two movements of the eye instead of reading word by word and then eventually with practise you’ll be reading a line at a time so your eyes will simples go to the middle of line one and head down the page. Easier to do with a thinner width column of text go practice with the newspaper. I picked up speed reading back in uni because I’ve actually only read about 3 books in my life but that isn’t to say there isn’t good stuff in there but they can just as easily be slow hypnotism to a path a unbudgabel indoctrinated stubbornly doomed unified world view. You won’t listen to any alternative theories after reading books because you can’t justify the time you would have wasted reading them ego its ego but I’ve just bruised yours right there don’t worry I joke not… or am I? Just messing with your head it’s ok I’m friendly it’s in good just now push play on the video above and be amazed that you to can talk as fast as an mc, move quicker than bruce lee and fight any problem that comes to your with a flow state that gives you a superhuman like savant power. You brain with respect to reading is like thinking and talking fast it requires exercise to build up the mussels to run at that speed and then you keep the powers somewhat like learning to ride a bike but of course how fast you presently ride somewhat depends upon how to fit you are if you go to shit you’re not able to just jump back on the bike and wooop arse but if you keep your brain moving but do no practise you could get off the bike and back on in a year and still be a ninja. Are you neo? knowing the path and walking are two separate things get on the edge of the sofa stop laying back, take hold of your destiny you can’t escape it. Live or die for the battle to rinse DNB!

none. oooo where u from cybre fiend? not to be nauty bice but mean, unstooppble jungling jugg juggling fiend, haha cream, sweeet x o xx dream steam, beam, teaten em keen, dirty but clean,

who dun hacked my shrine of musical tribute up with this pleasant jest haha. That’s class!

This rhyme is the tits! It feels like a face full heaven ya mad machine! love it feel free to leave another!