For the Real Headz

Lets we not forget – seems we have. He who controls now – wrote the past. I had no idea until a few weeks ago to the extent which this appears to be true. Our history is much closer to fable than it is to what they are teaching you in school. Giant Trees rules the land 6kms high. Planes of today don’t fly using flaps, in fact you can verify this by watching any youtube vidoe. They point the opposite way the video’s of wing construction show that most likely the wings are near waitless. Trust appears to come from the objects which look like what tanks and the flaps only appear to move to disguise the fact that these tanks are moving.

To summarise it – ANZAC’s they died so we don’t have to die in bullshit wars. We’ve furfilled the requirements of the international community with the sacrifice of those brave men and wimon. This should have given australia it’s soverenty.

Worse – It would appear that our state Western Australia has been given to hostile invaders who are likely to give without trail large percentages of the population. Given they have already been doing so via their injfestation of the mendical and mental health sectors it seems likely that all oppositiont to them will continue to be treated in violation of the rules to war as the globe we know have decided them. War crimes are shit and you’re dead.

So our military command and government has deserted us and worse still they’ve sold us out their true allegances in another country.

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